Are You Wasting Water?

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Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) is in charge of managing the water supply to Singaporean homes. Do you know how much water you use for different activities at home? Below is a pie chart showing the percentage breakdown of water use for each activity in a typical household.

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 The Top 7 Major Water Wasters 

  1. Showers. 29% of household water consumption in Singapore is used in the shower. Showering longer than five-minutes wastes more than 19 liters of water. To save water keep your showers under five-minutes or use a bucket and scoop to bathe. You can also as your family to install a low-flow shower head which will reduce the amount of water you use each time you turn on the shower.
  2. Kitchen Water Wastage. 22% of household water is used in the kitchen. There are plenty of ways that we waste water without realizing. Washing fruit and vegetables in running water will not clean them better than washing them in a saucepan or tub of water. If your food is very dirty and you need to run the water or refill your tub, collect that water and use it to water potted plants. You can also keep the water after you boil or steam vegetables. It has valuable nutrients inside! Reuse that water to make a curry or soup, or keep it for your plants as well. If you have a dishwasher, only run it on a full load. If you only have a few dishes, simply wash them by hand.
  3. Laundry. 19% of household water is used in the laundry. We all need clean clothes but cleanliness doesn’t have to use many liters of water. When you run half-full loads of laundry, you can end up wasting huge amounts of water every month. If your washing machine has the option, match the water level to the amount of clothing. Otherwise wait until you have a full load to wash!
  4. Flushing. 16% of household water is used in the toilet. When using the toilet use a half-flush for liquid waste. You can also reuse the rinse water from your washing machine. Keep it in a bucket and tip some into the toilet bowl when you’re done instead of using the flush-button.
  5. Leaving the Water Running in the Sink. 10% of household water is used in the sink or basin. One of the most common ways that people waste water is by leaving the water running when brushing teeth, shaving or doing the dishes. You can change this habit by being conscious and awareness. When you brush your teeth turn off the tap as soon as you start and keep a cup of water nearby for rinsing. When you wash the dishes fill the sink and soap the items. Start with the cleanest item, such as glasses, and finish with the dirtiest. Put them all to one side first, and then fill the sink with clean water to rinse them before drying.
  6. Cleaning Outdoor Areas. Using a hose to clean your family’s balcony, corridor or other outdoor areas can waste a lot of water. Instead, if you simply sweep these areas clean, you’ll save water, get some exercise and save water!
  7. Leaky Faucets and Toilets. One of the most common causes of water wastage at home is leaking taps and toilets. It may seem unimportant but the little drips can actually add up. If you see a leak, make sure you tell your family so they can get the plumber in to repair it quickly.PUB-7water English


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