About_NYCYouth Corps Singapore (YCS is a division of National Youth Council (NYC), an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. As the national institution for youth volunteerism empowers over 160,000 youths who are keen to serve the community across a wide range of causes, such as education, environment, special needs, and arts, with volunteering opportunities, training and funding support. YCS also equips them with the skills needed to contribute to society effectively and builds networks of like-minded youth.

Through the YCS’ Leaders Programme, over 1,000 aspiring youth leaders have been empowered to conceptualise and implement their own service-learning projects.

The Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a key NYC youth development programme that encourages volunteerism among youth between 15 and 35 years old to embark on community service-learning projects. The objectives of the YEP are to nurture confident youth, who are socially responsible and active citizens, who can identify needs and contribute to the community both at home and overseas. YMCA of Singapore has been administering YEP funds since 2012 and being a long-term partner in programme funding, YMCA of Singapore was appointed as to heighten potential synergies through a strong pool of experience trainers.

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Service-learning trip to Laos

My Cambodia

Youth Corps Leaders Programme (Immersion) – Info Video


In a celebrity-obsessed world, we wanted to do something to celebrate real-life heroes. People whom we can look up to. In a survey conducted by Buzzfeed, they asked their members: Who’s your real-life hero? Here are the heartfelt results.

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“Are hobbies really that important to have?”


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Do you know that Singapore has five decades of sporting history? Here are the highlights from 1965 to 2016


Eight days before Singapore gained independence, two goals from Quah Kim Song and one from Majid Ariff in the final 17 minutes saw the Lions come back and beat Selangor 3-1 to retain the Malaya Cup (now the Malaysia Cup). An early birthday present, though it would be another 12 years before they triumphed again. Continue Reading…


Man Works 30 Years to Turn Sandbar into Lush Forest

Man Works 30 Years to Turn Sandbar into Lush ForestIn 1979 when he was 16, Jadev Payang saw something on the banks of the river Brahmaputra that made him cry – thousands of snakes and reptiles dying on a barren sandbar, where they had washed up after a flood. Jadev, who goes by the nickname Molai, made it his mission to prevent other animals in the region from dying in the same manner, but the Indian government did not understand his vision and refused to help. Continue Reading…