Are Hobbies Really that Important to Have?

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“Are hobbies really that important to have?”



“It isn’t so much that it’s important or necessary to have hobbies. It’s just hard not to have hobbies. Any interest you have can easily become a hobby if you pursue it. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to pursue hobbies than anything else, because you choose to do it. Sometimes I can’t find any motivation to go run or workout, but one of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball, so I go to the gym and an hour later, I realize that I’ve broken a full sweat from sprinting and jumping non-stop. Hobbies don’t have to require much effort at all. For instance, I’ve never boxed before, but I enjoy watching boxing and learning strategy and following boxers. This is also a great hobby, even though I’m not actively doing anything. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be forcing yourself into new hobbies just because everyone says they’re important; take something you enjoy and pursue it as much as you can.

The reason hobbies are universally appreciated is that they add another dimension to your personality. Hobbies provide knowledge and skills that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise, which in turn gives a broader perspective on life. So? Why can’t I just focus on school or my job? Why do I need other skills? The reason is the same one that explains why people stay in shape or spend time with friends. The different aspects of your life are all connected. Better health lets you focus longer and your friends can help with things that you can’t do by yourself. What you gain from your hobbies will improve how you approach everything in your life. For instance, practicing piano doesn’t just teach music theory and how to press down pieces of wood with your fingers, it also instills the values of consistency and determination, which are always relevant.

I’ll wrap up with a few miscellaneous things: Hobbies are the best way to take a break and take your mind off possibly grueling work or study. They also give you a way to connect with other people who share the same interests. Just don’t see hobbies as something you need to have, they develop very naturally if you do what you like to do.”11_Dying-Hobbies_CAST_01

“Fortunately or unfortunately, I got an internship in a startup after my first year of MBA. First day, I was having an informal chat with the CEO about my background and I mentioned my hobby to him. From there, the conversation went on something like this
CEO : “It is very important to have a hobby, I believe everyone should have at-least one”.
Me : Yes, I think there should be something that a person should feel passionate about, something that can make you stretch your limits.
CEO : “No, it is not about that. The thing is that nobody likes to work. All your life you do what people tell you to or what you they expect you to, just like how you would be working here for 2 months based on our expectations. But when you are pursuing your hobby, you are doing it for yourself, not because somebody else expects it from you. For that small portion of your life, YOU ARE IN CONTROL and that I think is a liberating feeling in itself.”
Me : [Speechless Nod]
That thought got stuck in my head and I don’t think I am gonna give up on my hobby ever :)”11_Dying-Hobbies_CAST_03

“It is very important emotionally and psychologically to have hobbies and personal interests in life. A person must have a well balanced lifestyle. Most people work for a living. Some prefer to work long hours or even six days a week. That can lead to stress and a lot of anxiety.
Our minds and bodies need plenty of rest, and at least, some recreational activities after a long period of strenuous activity, or repetitive work. We need to unwind and relax too. This is when we must do the things we want to please us. To satisfy our inner child to play or something that will pass the time.
Hobbies are important so as to relieve all that tension and stressful daily routines at work. We need time for the simplicity of play and be creative with our own time. We need to do other less important things such as spend time alone or socialize with friends and relatives. Some hobbies can be social activities too. That is why many people will attend a local sports club or go to the gym for exercise. Then there are those who are collectors of certain memorabilia.
The main point is to occupy your free time with hobbies, sports, and activities that will improve our well being. Hobbies are things we do for enjoyment and fun. Human beings need the ability to play and have fun in life.”


“Importance of Hobbies are:
• Help relieve our mind and body from stressful life
• To avoid boredom, depression
• To socialize with people – help connect with new people with similar hobbies
• To keep us youthful, healthy and happy
• Cultivate many skills like –
– Creativity, Confidence, Reduce negative stress
– Risk taking, Problem solving, Creative thinking
– Overcoming obstacles, team work, cooperating, communicating with others
– Setting goals, satisfaction of achieving goals
• Enhance our energy levels, develop sense of commitment
• Improve sense of self-esteem and accomplishment
Most importantly, hobbies enhance our well being and give meaning to our life.”


What is/are your hobbies? How are they important to you?

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