Scan & Learn Series • English Editing Workbook (Secondary)


Scan & Learn Series • Upper Secondary and Lower Secondary English Editing are the first of their kind. The books were written not only to help hone your grammar skills, but also to help you ace the editing section of your examination. These books were written in adherence to the latest GCE “O”-Levels English assessment format and it will prepare you for the editing component in your English examination (Paper 1, Section A).


This is not just any assessment book; it is a thoughtfully designed learning experience. There is a QR code on every page which you can scan with a mobile phone. These QR codes are linked to online clues that will help you with the exercises in the book. Books & People have designed the book to engage learning in a very interactive way.


Clues to the exercises are also accessible via your computer.

Simply enter the Title and Question number in the search field and hit enter  (e.g. Seize the Day Question 10).

scanandlearnseriescast4At the end of every clue are treasure troves of invaluable resources that were carefully curated online. These curated articles, videos and infographics will encourage deeper reading and deeper learning into the topic of the editing exercises you have done.


  • O-Level English examination (Paper 1, Section A)
  • Level: Upper Secondary and Lower Secondary
  • There are altogether 50 grammar editing exercises in the book
  • Guided clues to all 50 exercises are tagged online – these clues are easily accessible with a mobile smart phone or computer
  • All exercises are integrated with online resources (articles, video, infographics etc.) to facilitate teaching and promote students’ learning
  • All resources curated and written are intended to be edifying, entertaining and educational
  • The answer key is also easily accessible with a mobile QR-code scanner or a computer