Jewellery Created By Trafficking Survivors Is Beautifully Empowering

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Girls love jewellery, especially one with a great backstory.

The Kwagala Project is an organization dedicated to empowering women victimized by human trafficking and/or the commercial sex trade. Through this project, trafficking survivors in Uganda are enrolled in a design school called Free Thereafter, where they learn the art of bead-making. The priority when launching the jewellery-making program was always to keep style and wearability in mind. Additionally, the jewelry made has an awesome story behind it.

It is a truly great story. The bead-making, an indigenous craft in Uganda, provides the girls and women who make them with a skill that they can take with them. Many of them have been in trafficking since they were young and they never had the chance to develop real, marketable skills.

The jewellery not only gives them an income, but also helps support the organization’s other efforts.

Here are some beautiful pieces:

(Source: Information taken from Huffington Post)


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