5 Ways to be More Creative

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5WAYstobecreative_03 Most people aspire to be creative and have an original insight which makes them stand out from the crowd. But is creativity a random process or is it something that can be nurtured and triggered using a variety of techniques? Scientists around the world are exploring what happens in the brain preceding that ‘eureka’ moment. Their research suggests these five things could help you unleash your creative side. 5WAYstobecreative_06

  • If you want to come up with innovative solutions to a problem that is bothering you, then doing something as simple as changing aspects of your daily routine could lead to a creative insight.
  • Altering your daily routines can result in changes happening in your brain.


  • Remove all distractions or train your brain to ignore them. In doing so, you are directing attention to the task at hand and thus, you are more likely to solve it.


  • If you are stumped, take a break.
  • Allow the unconscious processes to take hold by doing something that require minimum thought like taking a walk or a shower, gardening or doing other household chores.


  • If people think about their daily behaviour – most of it is unscripted. Most of it is improvised. They don’t actually plan every second what they are going to do.
  • When you improvise and monitor your behavior lesser, your brain enters into a state whereby you are more willing to take risks.


  • Meditating or going for a long run allows your unconscious mind to wander, allowing yourself to be more able to come up with more original ideas.
(Source: Information taken from: BBC Science)


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