5 Ways to be a Better Friend

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Friendship is a special kind of love, and a true friend is hard to find. So when you do find one, hang on tight, don’t let go and remind that friend every once in a while how much he or she means to you. Here are five simple ways to be that better friend:

 1. Show your appreciation

When you receive a gift, it’s customary to send a thank-you note. On Friendship Day, or any day, write a note to your friend, thanking him or her for the gift of friendship and detailing a few of the reasons why you appreciate and admire him or her. Make it a handwritten note on a nice card or good stationery, rather than a text or email. The extra effort is another way to show you care and it will be something your friend can keep and treasure. What’s more, your friend can reread whenever he or she needs a lift.

2. Celebrate your friendship

The day you met your best friend is a day that changed both your lives in many wonderful ways, so why not commemorate that special day each year over lunch or another activity you’d both enjoy?

3. Be there…for good and for worse!

If your friend is ill or depressed, or even broken-hearted, don’t settle for making a phone call or posting a sympathetic comment on Facebook. Love is a verb, so show up and do whatever you can to help. That may mean making soup or just offering your friend a shoulder to cry on. Either way, your friend will appreciate you being there for him or her.

4. Remember the milestones

Is your friend anticipating a special event or a new experience? Keep track of what’s going on in your friend’s life. Inquiring about the things that are happening in his or her life to show that he or she means so much to you.

5. Make their cause your own

Does your friend volunteer for an organization, campaign for a political candidate, or donate to a worthy cause? Even though you may not share your friend’s enthusiasm completely, you can still show your support by asking about his or her activities or helping out with a big event. Let your friend know that you respect his or her opinions, interests and beliefs, even if they don’t always align precisely with your own.

(Source: Adapted from MSN Living)


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